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Fitness Memberships

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Membership ($49/mo.)

  • 24-hour Fitness Access
  • Unlimited access to 30 Basic classes/week
  • 10% off SPA services (cannot be combined with other promotions)
  • $0 Enrollment fee
  • $29 keyfob (one-time fee)
  • Unlimited Access to Virtual Studio

One Time Service

  • FREE Initial Health & Fitness Assessment $99 value

Special Offer: 12-month, paid-in-full Essential Fitness Membership, only $539 – Plus 1 month FREE!

EMPower Membership ($79/mo.)

  • Essential Membership benefits included
  • Unlimited Access to 10 hours of EMPower classes/week (find more information about EMPower classes below)

One Time Service

  • FREE Initial 30 minute Personal Training Session $35 value
  • $99 Enrollment Fee

LifeStyle Membership ($129/mo.)

  • EMPower Membership benefits included
  • Monthly B12 shot or Facial
  • 15% off spa services
  • FREE Initial Physician HRT Assessment ($149 value)
  • FREE Initial Skin Care Consultation ($99 value)
  • FREE Key Fob ($29 value)

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Fitness Membership at Chronos

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EMPower Workout Classes

EMPower workout classes are a great way to have a healthier and confident life! EMPower Members have great physical endurance, confidence, and good heart health. All activities from the warm-up until the last bell sounds can help your heart stay strong and active. Utilize the 10 points learned in each 60-min session for self-confidence, self-defense, or just plain self-improvement.

Free 7 Day Membership

EMPower workout classes are guaranteed to whip you into GREAT SHAPE and FAST!* Boxing is approximately 80% anaerobic and 20% aerobic and includes interval training with cardio, core, and resistance training. Workouts combine strength, power, speed, agility, and quickness all into one to ensure you leave the mats having experienced a well-balanced workout.

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