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What is the EMPower Series?

The EMPower Series provide a great way to have a healthier and confident life! EMPower Members have great physically endurance, confidence, and good heart health.* All activities from the warm up till the last bell sounds will sure help your heart stay strong and active.* Utilize the 10 points learned in each 60-min session for self-confidence, self-defense, or just plain self-improvement. Overall, each session will help you become better at any aspect of life.

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Real Results from EMPower Weight Loss

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1 Hour Personal Consultation with a nutrition counselor

A professional Counselor will discuss how nutrition is the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health, growth and wellness.

During the private consultation, clients will receive expert education on food, nutrition, fitness, and nutritional supplements. All measurements will be taken and charted on our fully online EMPower Weight Loss portal, so transformations can be tracked as the program progresses.

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Personalized meal plans

Following the consultation, a custom meal plan is developed based on the client’s goals, level of activity, lifestyle, taste preferences, and allergies. The customized meal plan ensures a higher compliance rate and long-term success. Chronos provides real food choices and expert nutritional guidance, in addition to, Chronos’ tasty weight loss shakes and detox supplement – a strategy to safely and effectively boost metabolism and accelerate weight loss.

Body Composition analysis

Chronos’ state-of-the-art Body Composition Analyzer, The InBody 270 makes quick work of those important measurements, including total body water, dry lean mass, and body-fat mass.

Evaluations with Counselor

Follow-up appointments last approximately 20 minutes and are scheduled two weeks apart. These appointments are designed to track progress and maintain accountability. Measurements of body weight, body fat, skeletal muscle mass, body mass index, and of the waistline are taken at each appointment. Clients can discuss nutrition habits and address any necessary changes to the meal plan.

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