Fitness Center Safety Protocol

We are extremely grateful for your patience and cooperation fulfilling the obligations that are necessary for the fitness center to remain open during the State of Louisiana’s Phase 3 guidelines. CHRONOS is committed to providing you with the best possible environment, and that includes keeping everyone safe and healthy.

In order for fitness members to continue to have 24-hour access to the fitness center, the following must occur:

  • Each fitness member is REQUIRED to sign up ONE TIME using this link to alert the facility that you plan to use the fitness center during the month of October 2020.
  • Each fitness member is REQUIRED to complete a weekly Pre-Screening questionnaire. Members who have signed up, as requested above, will receive a text from CHRONOS weekly reminding them to complete the Pre-Screening questionnaire. This text will include a link that will direct you to the weekly required Pre-Screening Questionnaire. The link is also provided here for your convenience.
  • ALL fitness members MUST scan his/her own key fob to enter the building. If you are walking in with another member, please swipe your key fob as well. This will allow Chronos to use this system for contact tracing requirements.
  • Face covering MUST be worn while at Chronos, including while engaging in physical activity.
  • Shower facilities are now open and we require each fitness member to follow disinfecting protocols to keep themselves and other members safe (please see below).  

Since we are all in this together, the following protocols are still in place and our fitness members will be required to observe the following guidelines:

 Since we are all in this together, the protocols listed below are still in place and Chronos fitness members will be required to follow these guidelines:

  • Complete the weekly Pre-Screening questionnaire.
  • Use hand sanitizer to clean your hands immediately upon entering the gym.
  • Take a bottle of disinfectant and a microfiber towel to use during your workout to sanitize all equipment before and after use.
  • Observe all signage “6 Feet, Ya’ll!” Members should make sure there is the appropriate distance from others during workouts.*  
  • Once your workout is completed, return your bottle of disinfectant and your used microfiber towel to the appropriate location so that it can be sanitized.
  • Use hand sanitizer to clean your hands prior to exiting the building.
  • If the showers are used, the member must bring his/her own towel and spray the entire shower area (including handles and doorknobs) with disinfectant provided in the shower area, once you have exited the shower. Please use caution when spraying disinfectant and avoid contact with your eyes.
  • If you are sick or have any symptoms, please do not visit the gym.
  • Please use face coverings/masks as mandated by the State.  

*Please note that some machines have been unplugged and will have signs stating that the machine cannot be used. This was necessary to maintain the proper distancing needed between machines.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and your family in a safe and responsible manner. Thank you, again, for your patience during this process!  

Please contact the office if you have any further questions at (504) 267-4549.

Chronos Med Spa

Day and Med Spa Safety Protocol

The well-being of our members and staff remains our top priority, and we will continue to follow all CDC, federal and state guidelines. Please know that we will have enhanced sanitation protocols in place, and we would like to let you know what to expect when you schedule an appointment.

  • When you schedule an appointment* at Chronos Body Health and Wellness, you will receive a link to detailed safety protocols to review.
  • When you arrive, remain in your car and text “CHECKIN” to 74121. You will receive a link with questions to complete. Once submitted, this document will be reviewed by Front Desk. (It may take Chronos staff a few minutes to reach out to you.) Call 504-267-4549 if you do not receive the link. 
  • You will need to answer a series of questions regarding your health. When instructed to enter the front door, you are required to have on a mask, will be instructed to use hand sanitizer and your temperature will be taken. You will be taken directly to the treatment room. 
  • Your spa provider will wear a mask and gloves at all times during treatment, and all equipment and surfaces are sanitized after each patient visit.
  • We will take your payment information while in the treatment room, prior to your departure.

For more detailed information on what to expect when arriving for an appointment, please watch this video.

*New protocols require clients to attend appointments alone (please note: children will not be allowed in the facility). Due to a limited number of spots, a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged for no shows and cancellations not related to COVID-19 symptoms.

We look forward to continuing to serve you in a safe and responsible manner. Please contact us if you have any further questions at (504) 267-4549 or

Thank you so much for your patience during this process!