Personalize your workout.

CHRONOS offers private, one-on-one personal training for fast, sustainable fitness results. You’ll develop strength, improve balance, extend endurance … and look the way you’ve been hoping to look.

Your body. Your goals.

What do you want to get out of your fitness? The CHRONOS Fitness Team includes certified trainers who tailor their expertise in exercise physiology, nutrition and functional movement to your body and your personal goals.

Drawing on cardio, yoga, resistance training, functional movement and other modalities, your personal trainer works with you to design a fitness program that targets the areas you want to improve.

Lose fat. Gain muscle. Increase strength and flexibility.

Boost your energy and endurance levels. No matter what you aim to achieve, a personal trainer can greatly improve your chances of attaining your fitness goals.* CHRONOS personal training services are also available to small groups if you’d like to exercise with a friend for extra motivation and accountability.

So what are you waiting for?

Personal Training Pricing

Single Session Rate
1/2 Hour $35
Hour $65
4 Sessions Package (10% saving)
1/2 Hour $126 ($31.50/session)
Hour $234 ($58.50/session)
8 Sessions Package (15% saving)
1/2 Hour $238 ($29.75/session)
Hour $442 ($55.25/session)
12 Sessions Package (20% saving)
1/2 Hour $336 ($28.00/session)
Hour $624 ($52.00/session)
      LifeStyle Package (35% saving)          
(up to 20 sessions/month)
expires 30day from purchase
1/2 Hour $455 ($22.75/session)
Hour $845 ($42.25/session)


Now is the perfect time to take charge of your health. Discover the inspiration and energy the Chronos lifestyle delivers.