CHRONOS Med Spa can help you lift, tone, smooth and beautify your look to make you feel more confident than you ever thought possible!

Give new life to your skin.

CHRONOS MedSpa laser skin rejuvenation treatments reverse signs of aging and stimulate collagen production.

You might think of lasers as space-age technology, used to slice through steel, collect data lightyears away from the Earth, and even create holograms.

But the fact is that lasers also work wonders in the medical and cosmetic fields. Preventing or reversing signs of aging, resurfacing rough skin, and halting hair growth are just a few of the applications of today’s state-of-the-art cosmetic laser technologies.

CHRONOS MedSpa’s laser hair removal services and skin rejuvenation treatments can work from head to toe to give you smooth, clear, hair-free skin.

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    Imagine throwing away your razor and saying goodbye to unwanted body hair — along with razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritated skin! With just a few appointments, that dream can come true. CHRONOS MedSpa offers laser hair removal for face and body.Our high-tech laser hair removal machine destroys hair follicles at their base, discouraging hair from growing back, and resulting in long-term hair reduction. But don’t take it from us — the FDA has classified the laser hair removal procedure as “permanent”.


    Sometimes, skin needs a little help to remember its inner beauty. That’s where CHRONOS MedSpa’s laser skin rejuvenation treatments come in. Laser Genesis, a gentle laser skin treatment, works under the first few layers of skin to stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Skin can look and feel plumper, softer, and younger. Laser for fine lines and scars. This anti-aging laser skin treatment can also effectively reduce scars and rosacea, targeting capillaries under the skin to take down redness.


    Radiate beauty from within. The Clear+Brilliant anti-aging laser treatment can gently even skin tone, lighten brown spots, and stimulate skin to produce collagen.In this 30-minute laser skin treatment, your CHRONOS MedSpa skin care professional guides the Clear+Brilliant handpiece across target areas of the skin. Clear+Brilliant’s Intelligent Optical Tracking System helps ensure a uniform treatment, for facial skin rejuvenation that will leave you glowing.


    Boost your Clear+Brilliant results with Permea — an anxioxidant serum applied immediately after your treatment. CHRONOS MedSpa also offers the Clear+Brilliant biocellulose mask to help soothe and refresh skin.



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