Fitness Classes in the Metairie, LA, Area

CHRONOS has assembled a full spectrum of innovative fitness series and classes to keep your workouts varied and challenging.

EMPower Membership

  • 24-hour Fitness Access
  • Unlimited access to all EMPower classes each month
  • Unlimited access to all specialty classes each month
  • Unlimited Access to Virtual Studio
  • $49 Enrollment Fee (regular $99)
  • $29 Key FOB (Security Access)
  • FREE Initial Health & Fitness Assessment ($99 value)
  • FREE Initial 30 minutes Personal Training Session ($35 value)
  • 10% off SPA Service (cannot be combined with other promotions)

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What is the EMPower Series?

The EMPower Series provide a great way to have a healthier and confident life! EMPower Members have great physically endurance, confidence, and good heart health.* All activities from the warm up till the last bell sounds will sure help your heart stay strong and active.* Utilize the 10 points learned in each 60-min session for self-confidence, self-defense, or just plain self-improvement. Overall, each session will help you become better at any aspect of life.

The EMPower Series is a workout that is guaranteed to whip you into GREAT SHAPE and FAST!* Boxing is approximately 80% anaerobic and 20% aerobic, it includes interval training along with cardio, core, and resistance training. Workouts combine strength, power, speed, agility, and quickness all into one to ensure you leave the mats having experienced a well-balanced workout.

Fitness Membership in Metairie LA - Chronos Body Health Wellness
Fitness Studio in Metairie LA - Chronos Body Health Wellness

CHRONOS Specialty Classes…

Explore the CHRONOS class schedule for a uniquely social fitness experience! Build strength, develop flexibility*, and connect with new friends in classes like ChronosFit (Chronos’ own version of CrossFit), Circuit, Core Blasting, Dancercise, Pilates, Spin, Tabata, Yoga, and Zumba. Enjoy the fresh air and sunlight at our outdoor studio – and discover how working out with a group can energize your mind and body.* With over a dozen different classes, CHRONOS offers fitness options to suit all preferences and ages.

CHRONOS Virtual Studio…

If finding time to workout is sometimes more difficult than the workout itself, CHRONOS also proudly offer Virtual On-Demand fitness classes 24 hours a day to give members the benefits of attending a class while allowing them the flexibility to participate as their busy schedules allow. It’s a convenience-centric approach that helps us ensure that you’re able to reach your goals.


Now is the perfect time to take charge of your health. Discover the inspiration and energy the Chronos lifestyle delivers.