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Am I a Candidate for CoolSculpting?

The best way to find out if you are a candidate is to schedule a consultation at CHRONOS. We’ll answer your general questions, and you’ll get an evaluation from one of the highly-trained medical providers on our team. This evaluation is included for FREE as a part of our CoolSculpting journey.

Not ready to take the plunge? Take the Quiz below to find out if you might be a CoolSculpting candidate.

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Take the quiz below to find out if this treatment is right for you.

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+ Do You Have Pinchable Fat? (Subcutaneous vs. Visceral fat)

The truth is that sometimes stubborn fat just won’t budge, no matter how much we diet and work out. That’s why Chronos offers CoolSculpting, which makes it easy to sit back, relax, and reduce fat cells to slim down!

CoolSculpting targets stubborn, pinchable fat that lies above the muscle wall (like the fat you’ll find at your love handles or at your upper arm areas). CoolSculpting is only FDA-cleared to target this subcutaneous fat. This type of fat can be very hard to get rid of, even with a healthy lifestyle.

Visceral fat is located below the muscle wall and cannot be targeted by CoolSculpting. It’s responsive to weight loss, but not to body contouring procedures.

+ Is Your Trouble Spot in One of These Areas?

CoolSculpting® treatments can help men and women sculpt their bodies safely and effectively in the following areas:

Stomach and Abdomen •  Thighs • Arms • Love Handles and Flanks • Back Bulge and Bra Area • Under Buttocks (Banana Roll) • Double Chin

+ Are You Close to Your Ideal BMI?

CoolSculpting is a body contouring treatment and not a service for weight loss. A BMI score below 30 is recommended for most areas of the body, except for the double chin area, where the BMI score needs to be below 43.

However, If you have a BMI above 30 and have a “trouble spot” like the bra line or upper arms, CoolSculpting may still be a good treatment option for you. Schedule a FREE consultation to find out!

+ Is It Fat You Notice, and Not Skin?

To be an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting, you’ll want to make sure you have more fat than skin in your trouble area for optimal results. The best way to determine that is to have a physical assessment with our medical team, but you can start by assessing at home:

Stand sideways in front of a mirror and pinch a fatty area with your fingertips. If it looks plump and feels spongy, it’s fat. But if it feels firm and you can’t pinch much (without causing discomfort or pain), it’s probably skin.

Remember, the more knowledge you have, the better your outcome will be! Schedule a one-on-one chat with us for our professional opinion!

+ Do you Understand CoolSculpting Isn’t a Weight Loss Treatment?

CoolSculpting does remove fat cells from your body, but it doesn’t necessarily cause a big change on the scale. This is because it reduces the fat in your body without taking away the weight of the cells.

It’s the combination of removing fat cells and then replacing that fat with muscle that leads to real weight loss. That’s why it’s important to combine CoolSculpting with exercise and a healthy diet if you want to experience lasting weight loss.

Seeing your CoolSculpting results can motivate you to become more mindful of what you’re eating. When you start to monitor your diet more closely, this can help you make more sustainable lifestyle changes that result in a healthier weight-loss journey.

While CoolSculpting is not a magic weight loss solution, it can help you reach your goals by making the process easier.

+ Are You Willing to Invest in Additional Treatments if Needed?

Another important factor when it comes to CoolSculpting results is how many treatment sessions are performed. A single CoolSculpting session is enough for some patients to produce the results they are hoping for, however, others might need two or more sessions to achieve their desired outcome.

Keep in mind that, although you will likely notice an improvement in the treated area after just a few weeks, the final CoolSculpting results may not be completely visible for several months after your final treatment session.

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