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Chronos Annual Extravaganza November 7, 2018

We’re so excited for our upcoming November Extravaganza on Wednesday, November 7! We hope you’re planning to join us for this free, spectacular glimpse into all of the ways Chronos Body Health and Wellness can help you live your best life! We’ll have a dozen experts in various fields...
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If you are like most busy people, you are trying to incorporate healthy eating, exercise, stress reduction, me time, no screen time, etc.  It is stressful just listing all of these things and now  you are out of time!  Chronos created several monthly membership options to help keep you...
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  We’d all like to turn back the clock a few years and look like we’re more rested, less stressed. Until recently, the options for achieving that result were often limited to invasive surgeries like facelifts that could leave people looking “tight” or “pulled” … or worse.  Now there...
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What Is That Dark Skin Patches On My Face?

Melasma, also known as chloasma or brown spots, is a common skin condition which affects various parts of the face, including the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Characterized by dark, discolored patches which range in color from brown to gray, melasma can cause great cosmetic concern. Melasma Causes 90% of...
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How Much Fat Can I Lose After CoolSculpting?

Many people look for a way to reduce stubborn fat such as love handles, muffin tops and paunches. Some even look to surgical solutions, such as liposuction or cutting-edge new treatments, like laser liposuction. Those procedures have one thing in common: they destroy fat cells, meaning that they can actually destroy other, non-fat tissue in the process. That means...
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4 things to know about hormone replacement therapy

When one considers the fluctuation of hormone levels that can occur from PMS to menopause — it may be easy to understand why when searching “feeling hormonal” online the first three articles listed are geared toward women. But as it turns out women don’t own exclusivity when it come...
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